I welcome you with an open heart, open mind and open arms.

Photo credit: Patric Pop

Photo credit: Patric Pop

FOUNDER, teacher + guide

Donna williams

I started my love affair with yoga in my late 20’s meditating in my bedroom and hoping for a happier and calmer state of mind. Fifteen years on that meditation has turned into a full-blown yoga practice which has accompanied me across the world and along side my life as a humanitarian worker .  From Palestine to Pakistan, from Sudan to Sri Lanka, yoga has turned out to be the place I always come home to and one of the most reliable and giving practices I’ve ever encountered. 

Having witnessed a number of the world’s horrors in my humanitarian life, yoga is the practice that sustains my belief that no matter how bad it gets, world peace is possible and love conquers all.

In 2012 I founded Emergencyoga, a project that offers free online yoga resources to our global community of humanitarian yogis – because I believe that when the going gets tough and life throws you what you think you don’t need, that yoga is a way to sift through that and come out on top feeling awesome about yourself and in love with life.

My personal practice is deeply influenced by my love and respect for the planet upon which we walk and my greatest joy in life is sharing this with others with yoga that flows with the natural rhythms of nature including our own bodies, minds and spirits.

Strongly influenced by my own teachers, Eoin Finn and Bryan Kest, when I teach and practice with you, you’ll enjoy a range of yoga experiences from asana to pranayama, meditation and yogic dance and you’ll truly feel that prana, your very own life force flowing through you on and off the mat in rhythm with the world around you.

I’ve created included Pranarama Retreats within the Emergencyoga package to go beyond the humanitarian world (although aren’t we all human-itarians?) and spread world peace one love at a time to a global community of like-minded people.  I absolutely can’t wait to connect with you at one of my upcoming retreats, classes or workshops.