MY Mission

I believe in creating world peace, one love at a time.

I think that through the practice of yoga, especially a practice that encompasses the wonder of mother nature, that each of us has the possibility to create a greater level of peace in our own hearts.  When we do that we are able to share that sense of peace, calm and well-being with others and contribute to the collective peace, for the people and for the planet.

In my teaching I practice a healthy respect for you, founded in the belief that each of us are unique with our own specific set of needs, wishes and desires including those that relate to our yoga.  This translates into making sure that you are in charge of your yoga and how you practice it.  All teachers at Emergencyoga act as guides, using their experience and training in the best way possible yet leaving the decisions about your practice up to you.

Donna has the ability to teach a strong practice that connects body, mind and heart. Challenging yet accessible with beautiful sequences that flow from one pose to the other; taking a class with Donna always makes me feel more vibrant, positive and relaxed and simply good. She is certainly one of my favourite teachers.
— Katrin, Global Humanitarian

What you can expect from emergencyoga

  • A full range of yoga experiences including meditation, asana, pranayama and other contemplative practices

  • Qualified and experienced teachers and guides

  • Respect for your body, mind and spirit, wherever it is at right now

  • Wonder, awe and reverence for mother nature and planet earth

  • Opportunities to connect with teachers and students

  • Bespoke workshops and retreats in stunning locations

  • 24 hour access to online and downloadable yoga resources

  • A second home within the Emergencyoga community

  • An open heart, open arms and an open mind