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Scapa - The UK's Yoga and Adventure Festival

I am both thrilled and honoured to be invited to teach at the incredible Scapa Fest. Discover the beauty of Scotland with me as we come together in the pristine landscape of Loch Fyne and spend our days exploring all the planet has to offer, discovering the strength and wisdom of our bodies with fantastic teachers and most importantly - gorging ourselves on fresh, local, prana-filled food.

Scapa Fest and the fabulous Clem who is the genius behind it are working so hard to ensure this festival supports the planet, unlike so many festivals that destroy the landscape they are on. With a fantastic Sustainability Manifesto, Scapa Fest has really solid action around zero waste, leave no trace and low impact. This is fully aligned with emergencyoga’s integrity and my own beliefs around protecting and supporting the planet we are so privileged to walk upon.

Come and join me for a long weekend deeply immersed in nature in one of the most beautiful and wild parts of the world, with lots of opportunities to practice yoga together. Grab your tickets now though because they sell out fast.