emergencyoga retreats are an incredible way to connect with other yogis and with the planet.


I love to share my love of all things yoga far and wide.  With emergencyoga I find that my love for life and the planet are expanded beyond belief when I spend time with other like minded people and practice yoga together.  My whole reason for creating unique retreats is so that we can magnify the joy, the prana, the life force within all of us as a collective and contribute to a more beautiful and peaceful world.



I absolutely love sharing my love of all things yoga and nature with people and this translates into making sure my retreats, workshops and classes embrace a range of yoga practices and respect the planet as much as possible.  

Retreats are generally vegetarian and gluten and alcohol free (although there are no rules on retreat).  I also work with local chefs to try and provide you with fresh produce from the region and organic choices where possible. 

I like to maintain some flexibility within the retreat so that everyone feels they receive what they need from the experience.  This sometimes translates into changes in timing or switches in the kind of yoga we practice so that people feel healed and nourished at the end of their time with me.

Nisala Villas our retreat venue in Sri Lanka

Nisala Villas our retreat venue in Sri Lanka

Within our yoga practice together you'll enjoy fun flows, deep restorative postures, spontaneous dance parties and hands on adjustments (with your permission) to help you feel fabulous as you travel through your practice.

I'm also a big fan of meditation and believe that this practice has the ability to transform our lives in the most positive way so you'll find plenty of that within most of my classes, retreats and workshops.

And I admit that I'm a 'hugger' so be prepared to have my arms wrapped around you at some point during out time together, in deep gratitude for practicing with me.

retreat SCHEDULE

Below you'll find an example of a retreat schedule. Times and sessions change in line with the seasons, sunrise and sunset and which guides and teachers are joining the retreat - and most importantly the needs of the amazing people joining the retreat.

Chalet Ulysse our retreat venue in Zermatt

Chalet Ulysse our retreat venue in Zermatt

06h30  Awake from a blissful slumber to find herbal teas and fresh fruit awaiting you.

07h00  Join together for our morning yoga practice, (minimum 90 minutes), which will fill you with joy, prana and a deep sense of gratitude that you are alive on this planet.  We usually finish the morning session with some soulful meditation then see ourselves into the day with great music.

09h00  Fill yourself up on a breakfast made of sumptuous local produce and spend time connecting with retreat guides and guests.

10h30  I like to leave you plenty of free time during the day to soak up the delights of the incredible retreat locations.  Enjoy a massage, lie by the pool or explore the local area.  We can assist you in arranging whatever you fancy doing.  This is also time the time when you can connect with retreat guides for your one on one session.

13h00  Come together again for more fabulous food and great company as we lunch on the prana-filled creations of the retreat chef.

14h00  Free time to relax and unwind in whatever way you need.  Retreat staff will be on hand to ensure you have everything you need throughout the afternoon.

17h30  Close down your afternoon and slide into the evening with a more relaxing yoga practice, healing your body, mind and spirit and preparing you for a restful night ahead.

19h00  Nourish yourself before bed time with a soothing dinner designed to help you sleep deeply and dream well.  Enjoy inspiring conversations with the people you meet on retreat and fill up your soul with whatever you need to make you fill well.